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Bailey was my companion for over 13 wonderful years. During that time we had so many adventures. In college, my roommates and I joked how it would be cool to send Bailey to class for us with a tape recorder around his neck. Joking aside, Bailey probably could have done that job well. He was so intelligent and intuitive. Everyone who met Bailey instantly fell in love with him; he was that special. Bailey loved attention and developed a maneuver where he'd forcefully nudge your hand with his nose if you stopped petting him. It worked every time.  


He had an irresistible begging method, he'd put his nose on the nearest object and it would squish up like a little piggy nose. We fondly named that move "squishy nose." He would do virtually
anything for food. My brother taught him to balance a treat on his nose and keep it there until my brother raised his hand, then Bailey would flip it up into the air and catch it. One of the first times I took Bailey over to my boyfriend's (now husband) house, there was a plate of BBQ pork on the coffee table. Bailey didn't waste any time and gobbled down the entire plate of food before we knew what happened. But even in his devilish moments like that, we could never scold him. He was a bed hog--taking up half of our king size bed and he was a water dog--standing knee deep, watching little fish for hours at a time. He was a snuggle bug--a 100 lb. lap dog and he was my best friend--he loved to be by my side. Bailey gave us so many gifts of happiness and memories over the years and for that I am thankful. I couldn't have asked for a more loving dog. Yes, Bailey (aka Bay Bay, Bay Dog, Moosie, Moo) was a very special dog and he is so missed and so loved and will forever be a part of our family.

Ami & Michael H.


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