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Our beloved Anatolian. Died unexpectedly at 5:30 a.m. on Thurs. August 5, 2004. We had him to the vet 3 1/2 weeks earlier for his routine visit,shots,picking up heart worm preventitive etc. 4 days later we were back after a trip to the emergency clinic which showed nothing. The vet did blood work which showed nothing. We were told he was healthy as a puppy. We were told he had gas and to take him for a walk. Now he is dead...same symptoms as before we made the trip to the emergency clinic...moaning and panting. An autopsy supposedly showed cardiomyopathy...

We feel like we were robbed of the opportunity to say good-bye..we would have loved on him more,given him anything he wanted. We ache with missing him so much and cry almost all of the time. He was such a part of our lives that so far we can't seem to stop crying for very long be cause we miss him so terribly.
This is a poem my husband,Mike,wrote soon after we brought him home as a puppy.

THE PUPPY (an Anatolian Raising)
With maniacal sparkle in the eye
and ungainly paws A'thunder
He comes to rend the tranquil night,
your dreams and schemes to sunder.

For Day has come - a new Adventure
to be Touched and Smelled and Tasted
While from you comes a fervent Prayer
that your teachings were not Wasted.

So once again you say your Chants..of "OFF", "NO BITE", and "LEAVE IT"
And wonder for the thousandth time
how to Charm,Beguile,Deceive It.

The time required to dish His food
is twice his need to eat...
For there are better things to Do
or Chase or Chew or Meet.

Counters you clear, and tables too
all debris swept from the floor,
While he strikes a beatific pose
and consumes the kitchen door.

At patience's end, in desperations grip
you calmly scream "OUTSIDE"!!!!!
So...with rugs and such(oft twice as much)
he prances out with pride.

With water gun and leash in hand
you track his path of plunder
to find him nose down to the ground
enthralled with natures wonder.

And so it goes this clash of wills
from morn's dawn until night..
Yet thru it all his heart is true
and his presence brings delight.

As evening comes with Yawns and Sighs,
that noble head upon your breast,
One thought lingers above all else;
This dog...This dog is best.
We Love You, Scout

-Carolyn & Mike


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