Bull Breeding Soundness Evaluation

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On Demand Veterinarians, Veterinary Techs, Veterinary Staff 1.0

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Breeding soundness evaluation implies the use by veterinarians of standardized examination techniques to eliminate bulls with physical or health defects from breeding and to attempt to measure the potential of a bull to achieve adequate conception rates under natural mating conditions.

The evaluation of bulls for their ability to perform as herd sires has unfortunately become commonly labeled as “semen testing” or “semen evaluation”. It is important to stress that semen evaluation is just a small part of the complete evaluation of bulls for breeding soundness.

Understanding the guidelines for breeding soundness examination requires a thorough knowledge of the reproductive physiology as well as factors that may affect spermatogenesis and/or sperm delivery. In addition, the veterinarian has all the adequate training to recognize the lesions or symptoms of diseases that may be relevant for herd biosecurity.

Course recorded December 2016.

Dr. Ahmed Tibary
Dr. Ahmed Tibary, DMV, MS, PhD, DACT
Dr. Alexis J. Campbell
Dr. Alexis J. Campbell, DVM, MS. DACT


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