Agility Dog Webinar Series - Technician Bundle

Type Audience Credits Price
Webinar Veterinary Techs, Veterinary Staff 6.0
Continuing Education Webinar Series
Agility Dogs in Your Practice? Build your practice by learning to speak “agility speak”.
We will host a series of 6 one-hour live webinar CE events for veterinarians. Each session will occur live on the second Wednesday of the month at 5 pm Pacific time, 8 pm Eastern time.
CE credit will be provided to veterinarians and veterinary technicians. The cost to veterinarians will be $40/session or $200 for the entire 6-hour series. The cost for veterinary technicians and veterinary practice employees will be $20/session or $100 for the entire 6-hour series. There will be no charge for interns, residents, and veterinary students if they provide documentation of their status in a qualified educational program.

1. Introduction to the Sport of Dog Agility – July 13, 2022
An overview of agility with an emphasis on health impacts of sport participation.
  • What’s the difference between NADAC, AKC, UKI, and all the others?
  • What types of athletic activities are required – jumping, running, weaving, climbing?
  • Who are the competitors – demographics, geographics?
  • What type of training and commitment is involved to achieve success?
  • What role does the veterinarian play in injury prevention and treatment – proactive, reactive?
  • How can the veterinarian help with selection of a puppy as an agility prospect?
Primary Speakers: Dr. Debra Sellon, Dr. Dianne McFarlane
2. Injuries in Agility Dogs/Health Needs Assessment – August 10, 2022
An overview of the types of injuries that are most common in agility dogs. How frequently do they occur? What are the general risk factors for injury? What types of injuries are most common? What are the chances of return to competition after a serious injury? How can the veterinarian maximize those chances for return to athletic activity? Discussion of survey results to provide insights into the biggest health concerns of today’s competitors. From what sources do agility competitors get health information? How much do they trust their veterinarian?
Primary Speakers: Dr. Arielle Pechette Markley, Dr. Abigail Shoben
3. Orthopedic Evaluation of Agility Dogs – September 14, 2022
Presenting complaints that might be unique to agility dogs such as “popping” weave poles, knocking bars, refusing to do individual obstacles, early take-off syndrome, or other poor performance situations. How does a veterinarian approach these problems including physical exam, orthopedic exam, review of videos, etc? When is referral or advanced imaging indicated? To whom should you refer? What is known about conditioning and rehabilitation from injuries?
Primary Speakers: Dr. Denis Marcellin-Little, Dr. Arielle Pechette Markley
4. Shoulder Injuries and Digit Injuries in Agility Dogs – October 12, 2022
An in-depth look at shoulder injuries and digit injuries in agility dogs. What types of injuries occur? What are the risk factors for injury? What factors influence likelihood of return to competition after digit amputation? What role do dew claws play in athletic function of agility dogs? What are the best options for treatment of shoulder injuries?
Primary Speakers: Dr. Arielle Pechette Markley, Dr. Debra Sellon
5. Iliopsoas Injuries and Cranial Cruciate Ligament Rupture (CCLR) in Agility Dogs – November 9, 2022
An in-depth look at iliopsoas muscle injuries and cruciate ligament rupture in agility dogs. How do you differentiate between these two common causes of hind limb lameness in agility dogs? What are current recommendations for rehabilitation after iliopsoas injury? What are the factors associated with increased or decreased risk of CCLR in agility dogs? Can a dog with CCLR return to high-level agility competition after TPLO or similar surgery? What is the prognosis after conservative or nonsurgical treatment? What factors are associated with successful return to competition?
Primary Speakers: Dr. Arielle Pechette Markley, Dr. Denis Marcellin-Little
6. Working with the Traveling Competitor and Her Dogs – December 14, 2022
What are the unique veterinary needs of the competitor who travels extensively across the US or across the world to compete in agility and how can you, as their veterinarian, contribute to a safe travel plan? What are appropriate recommendations to prepare for travel via air or land with dogs of all sizes? How do you maintain biosecurity and infection control in diverse geographic areas? Is it appropriate to prescribe drugs such as metronidazole or carprofen “just in case” they’re needed?
Primary Speakers: Dr. Molly McCue, Dr. Debra Sellon, Dr. Dianne McFarlane